Saturday, October 13, 2007

Instant blogging using iPhone

It is amazingly easy to post to your blog using IPhone. You can instantly snap photos and send them to be automatically published to your blog. All you need is an iPhone and a blog where you can publish your posts.

First you need to have blog. You can get a free one in three easy steps. Just click on the thumbnail on the left and follow directions or go to
Next, if you do not have already an email account setup on your iPhone, create one and Make sure you can send and receive messages on the account you using the iPhone.

Next, clock on the thumbnail image below or go to and follow the directions per jingle "Snap a photo and write some text, send it to Blogger and we'll do the rest!"

After sending the photo and text message from your iPhone you will get an email response with the link to your new mobile blog and a token to be entered in the sign up form. That is it! You are done and blogging from your iPhone. Your first mobile post is the one used to sign up for the service. You can integrate mobile blog with your regular blog from Dashboard section Mobile Devices.

Below is a thumbnail view of my first iPhone blog post Strange Mushroom.


VassagO said...

I cant get this to work...

the iPhone doesnt send MMS...

and emails that i send (through my gateway) all bounce back to me.

More information on Googles site say that mails sent through a gateway will not be accepted, and otherwise you use MMS.

But you seem to have had no problems doing this? what am i doing wrong?


VassagO said...

got it.

You have to use a gmail or hotmail account as your primary account - where as my default account was my corporate one.

You might want to add tat to your article


wieslaw said...

My phone was set to use gmail account as default mail account.